• Sunday School                                              9:00  am
  • Men Pray with Pastor                                   9:45  am
  • Sunday AM Worship                                   10:00 am
  • Children’s Church                                        10:00 am
  •        Room 118, 4/5 yr. old
  •        Room 215, 1st-6th Grade
  • Praise Team                                              after am service
  • Sunday Choir Practice                                  4:30 pm
  • Teen Discovery                                             5:45 pm
  • Kid-4-Truth                                                   5:45 pm
  • Sunday PM Worship                                     6:00 pm
  • Wednesday Brown Bag Bible Study           12:00 pm
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study                     6:00  pm
  • Thursday Widows Group “Sunflowers”      11:00 am




Nov   9  Home Bible Study                                              6:00 pm

Nov 10 Men’s Prayer Breakfast                                       7:30 am

Nov 11 Deacon Nominees Presented to the Church

Nov 11 Veterans Day Lunch                                           11:30 am

Nov 11 Business Meeting                                                        pm

Nov 12 Veterans Day

Nov 17 Youth Thanksgiving Service Project

Nov 18 Youth Service Sunday

Nov 18 Thanksgiving Meal Following Service

Nov 18 - Dec 2 Voting on Deacons

Nov 22 Thanksgiving Day




Dec   3  Ladies Fellowship                                               6:30 pm

Dec   8 Men’s Prayer Breakfast                                       7:30 am

Dec   8  Youth Christmas Caroling                                  1:00 pm

Dec   9 Deacons Presented to the Church                              pm

Dec   9 Business Meeting/Vote on Budget                             pm

Dec 13 Church Christmas Party                                     6:00 pm

Dec 14 Home Bible Study                                              6:00 pm

Dec 15 Youth Christmas Party                                        6:00 pm

Dec 16 Church Christmas Breakfast                                       am

Dec  23 Church Christmas Program                                       am

Dec  23 Candle Light Service                                                 pm

Dec  25 Christmas Day




In the month of November, the Youth Group will be selling 2019 calendars in the foyer. Please stop by to support the fundraiser for next summer's Church Camp while picking up a calendar for you and a friend. Thank you!



      Toni Miller                                          Jen Armstrong

       Due Nov, 2018                                  “Audrey Jean”

        Rick & Amy’s                                     Due Dec, 2018

       Daughter-in-law                               Steve & Laura’s




STAR Missionary of the Quarter


Our STAR missionary of the quarter is Joy Gibson, Missionary to the New York Jews. She likes chocolate covered almonds, candles, Starbucks gift cards, and citrus and floral body splash or perfume. She would really like essential oils, pretty shopping/tote bags, socks, well-padded slippers, silver earrings, and blank water color cards. She could also use curriculum/study helps and children’s resources for her ministry. Donations will be accepted through the end of November. See Cheryl Clinger or the ladies’ table for additional information.



In December Hilltop Baptist will be selecting two  new Deacons (replacing Steve Armstrong & Ron Morford).  To ensure we all have the proper time to consider our choices and to pray on this issue, the following schedule has been developed:          

Oct 21, 28         Nominations from the Church

Nov 10              Nominations presented to Deacons

Nov 11              Candidates presented to the Church                                                    Nov 18-Dec 2   Church votes

Dec 9                Presentation of new Deacons  




Pastor:  Allen Knight                   Church Clerk:  Ken Bennett




John Selaya, Sr Deacon         Steve Armstrong      Ken Bennett                       

Vern Bergling                        Ron Morford            George Sugars                 

Loren Zimmerman