Attention Hilltop Baptist Church Members, 

We will not hold a service on Sunday Evenings, Wednesday Evenings or have AWANAS on Sunday Mornings until further notice. 


Until further notice, a bulletin will only be published once a month and will include any announcements, along with the birthday and anniversary list. If you are unable to attend a service to get a new bulletin, one can be mailed to you. Call Johna with any questions.


A ministry to assist people in the area with immediate needs. Contact Steve Armstrong for further information.


We have a large group of members on the back of our weekly bulletin that are in need of prayer. Please make sure to get a new bulletin each Month and try to keep those members, along with our Pastor and Deacons in prayer.


AWANA  Stands for: 

Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed

We are excited to have this program at Hilltop Baptist Church! Children 4 years old and up are encouraged to join AWANA. Game time, Handbook time, and Council time. This program gives children an opportunity to study and memorize Scripture in a fun and engaging way. Questions? Contact Brother Mel, Director; Polly, Club Secretary; or Pastor Allen, Game Director

STAR missionary of the quarter

Melinda Ewing, Missionary to Indonesia

Her Ministry- 

Melinda is a Missionary to Indonesia. She is thankful for our thoughts, prayers and concerns for the missionary wives. They need lots of prayer. What she needs prayer the most is the she would glorify her Lord and Savior. If she could have anything in a care package, she would like to have USA Calendars and, or Pocket Calendars

What She Could Use Most in Her Ministry- To Glorify the Lord

Some Other Facts About Her- 

Birthday- August 18

Anniversary- December 6

Favorite Colors- Red

Colors in her Home- 

Living Room: Cream

Bedroom: Cream & Green

Kitchen: Cream & Blue

Bathroom: Cream

Jewelry: Prefers Silver, she does not have pierced ears

Favorite Flower: Daffodils

Favorite Nuts: Peanuts, Cashews & Almonds

Favorite Chocolate: Milk Chocolate

Hobbies/Interests: Reading

Items She Collects: Recipe Books

Books or Magazines She Likes to Read: Taste of Home, Books on Organizing

Special Places or Activities: Loves the Mountains, Rivers/Streams

For more information or how you may contact Joy, please see the print out on the Ladies Fellowship Table in the foyer, or contact Cheryl Clinger.